All competitions will run simultaneously, so one team can only apply for one competition


Coding on a language directly might get your mind tangled and your code messy. Your mind may be brimming with ideas, but the syntax of the language may hinder in converting your ideas to code. So, let’s get your precious ideas converted on paper first in the form of pseudo code. If you think you are good at logic-building, analyzing the complex problems to find the best-fitting algorithms for them, and making time and space efficient algorithms, this is the competition for you!

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Careem's Hiring Challenge

Careem’s Hiring Challenge is coming to test your coding and problem solving skills. Pass the challenge and get interviewed for a job at Careem the same day! So are you up for it?

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Gaditek's Dockers Challenge

Gaditek challenges all programmers across NU-FAST for a grand contest that will test your intelligence,
skill, nerves and teamwork. The Docker Infrastructure Challenge will demand teams of up to 4 members
(maximum), to create cutting-edge scalable horizontal solution on Dockers. Your solution will aim to
search and store big data, making way for the next technological revolution.
Participants will be required to have knowledge & proficiency of the following stacks to qualify for

Gaditek’s Docker Challenge:

1. Docker


3. MySQL

4. Scripting

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IHS Mobile Development

IHS is conducting a mobile app development competition. Target Platform is Android only and target audience are Fresh Graduates and Final Year Students. Winners will receive Tech Gadgets by the company. Please see the Rules file.

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Speed Debugging

In professional lives today, you seldom get to develop from scratch. Mostly, one gets to scale or customize the existing codes. This is where you need to put yourselves in others’ shoes, understand their logic of doing things, and find flaws in the logic. Making changes without full understanding might make your code smell bad. So, here you have to go greater than the compiler which can only see flaws with the syntax. If you think you are good at detecting logical errors in the code, and rectifying them, this is your chance to prove yourselves!

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Speed Programming

Speed programming is a challenging arena, attracting bright and sharp minds from all over Karachi. Programming under timed conditions tests the skills and grit of the participants involved to the limit. Gaditek Developers’ Day will provide local participants the opportunity to match their skills with a much wider field of competitors in Karachi than otherwise available. The event will gear the participants to perform under pressure and give them an insight as to where they stand in comparison with their counterparts from other universities. The competition is structured to test participants in the arena of speed programming – coming up with a solution to a complex question in limited time.

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Demo Your Project

This competition brings together students from across Karachi to display their software projects for formal judging by a team of experts, providing participants with valuable feedback and experience of real-world evaluation benchmarks. Not only is this a source of erudition for the participants, but visitors to the exhibition are more often than not students seeking projects with the potential for future development, or even I.T. industry professionals looking for promising talent among the participants.

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Systems Web Development

For web development, functionality must go hand in hand with aesthetics, responsiveness, and user-friendliness. Different teams from renowned institutes participate to test their web development skills against a broader and tougher spectrum of students and get to know the most recent developments in the field by the experts. Competing with the tough and challenging opponents will not only provide you a fruitful experience but will also help you to analyze in depth, your weaknesses and strengths, helping you out later in your career.

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Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is that they are the most practical of us all. Can you portray your inner dreamer into a poster? If yes, then this competition is all for you. Come to UI/UX Competition and compete with fellow dreamers.

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Database Design

The database design competition will allow teams to utilize their analysis, design, and efficient SQL Query Skills and apply them to a real world problem within the allotted time frame. Going wrong at one point will get you into problems at later stages of design, so be careful at each step!
In this competition participants intellectual and DB skills will be judged through McQ’s and toughline scenario with SQL Queries on Systems, the team with most correct McQ’s and efficient queries will consider as a winner.

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